The results of the selection of the 2019 China International Lighting Design Competition will be announced. Marsden won the second prize.

The review work of the 2019 China International Lighting Design Contest co-sponsored by the China Lighting Appliance Association and the Guzhen People’s Government of Zhongshan City was completed on October 23-24 in Guzhen Town. The China Lighting Association invited universities and testing institutions from And 7 experts from related industries such as intellectual property protection institutions and other related industries formed a review group: Professor Haiwen zhang of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts served as the team leader, Shengping liu, executive chairman of the China Lighting Association, as the deputy team leader, Associate Professor Tang Lintao of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Jiangnan University Associate Professor Yufan of the Department of Industrial Design, Associate Professor Liuyang of the School of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology, Yingao Chen Gong of Zhongshen Shangdong (Shanghai) Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and Huizhen Lin, the Zhongshan (Lighting) Intellectual Property Rapid Protection Center, and other experts participated in the review.
A total of 533 works related to enterprises and colleges were collected in this competition, including 235 physical works and 298 creative works. The judging experts focused on the requirements of different aspects such as creative novelty, design science, advanced technology, and exquisite craftsmanship. After scientific and rigorous discussion and evaluation, a total of 40 award-winning works were selected, including a total of 30 physical award-winning works. A total of 10 award-winning works.
The "2019 (Eighth) China International Lighting Design Contest Winners List" will be announced on the official website of the China Illumination Association and the official website of the China International Lighting Design Contest from October 25 to October 31, and will be announced on October 31. If you have any questions before the deadline, please contact China Lighting Association 010-65135873, contact: Shuyi Sun.
The winning candidate list is announced as follows:


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