Art comes from life

Art comes from life

Perfect combination of aesthetic realm and taste of life

Light and shadow are rippling in poetic life

Return to authenticity and integrate personality.

Years of brand accumulation

2001-established in Shenzhen

2002-Luohu Anleju opened in the southern district of Shenzhen

2004-set up production base in Zhongshan

2005-Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, set up branches

2007-Chongqing Marsden store opened

2008-the factory area reached more than 3W square meters

2009-The exhibition hall of Times Lighting Plaza in Guzhen opened, with 22 stores in the same year

2011-Exhibition Hall of World Trade Lighting Expo Center in Guzhen opened

2012-Marsden launches the national brand road

2013-Shanghai direct store opened

2014-Beijing direct store opened, Star Alliance opened

After years of brand promotion and market expansion, Marsden's sales network has spread all over the world, and dozens of specialty stores and franchise stores have been established nationwide.


Focus on personality fashion

The company's brand awareness and reputation are ahead of its peers, and many large-scale projects and top real estates have selected Marsden's high-quality products. Marsden has always insisted on sharing an elegant and romantic, fashionable and simple lifestyle since its birth. In Marsden’s artistic features, each product is permeated with poetic perception of life and a new concept-the uniqueness and inspiration of the aesthetic realm are perfectly integrated in life, hoping to bring a better quality of life to humans .


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