In order to meet the high-end needs of the elite market, Marsden specially launched the "excellent copper" high-end customized series

A lamp with soul, an ideal to be realized

Mr. M is stepping up to find the decoration of the cafe

So that I can set my own ideals

Mrs. asked what lights needed


It’s better to fill the whole space with spiritual light

This is an "era of heart"

The coffee shop attracts more than just the aroma of coffee beans and the exquisite desserts

Even the lights and lights should drive guests' imagination

Let the thoughts bloom freely with the aroma of coffee

A lamp with soul

It's actually an attitude


One's perception and understanding of life

And a dream to be realized

March 18-22, 2016

Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

Pazhou Complex 15.2-B25

Marsden with the soul

Art as blood, craft as vein

Closely integrated with international home furnishing trends

Dedicate the latest works of more than 100 modern lamps

Just to realize your ideal






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