Why are we going to Milan? | 3 keywords and 10 exhibitions about Milan Design Week 2017


When I received the first newsletter in my mailbox, I realized that another year of Milan Design Week was coming. Next, in addition to receiving warm-up messages from design studios and curators more frequently, titles such as "Guide to Exhibition" and "Recommended Highlights" popped up from time to time on the public account, and began to receive invitations from brand public relations. The letter and the message "See you in Milan on April" in the circle of friends.

The whole industry is brewing a new expectation as if a festival is coming.

This may be the power of Milan Design Week.

This creative event, derived from the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile, started in 1961), and covering the whole city, has been held for 16 years, and the 17th will be celebrated on the 3rd of next month. The business model based on the resources of the Milan Furniture Fair has allowed Milan Design Week to gradually develop an exhibition in the industry into the center of the University of Milan, the Milan Triennale Museum, Tortona, Brera and Ventura Lambrate to radiate the entire city. A series of peripheral exhibitions and cultural and artistic activities.

The main exhibition, the Milan Furniture Fair, is also based on the original subdivision of the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition (International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition), the biennial lighting exhibition (Euroluce), and the kitchen furniture exhibition, office furniture exhibition held in even-numbered years, and "SaloneSatellite" (SaloneSatellite) launched in 1997 specifically for cutting-edge designers under 35。

To this day, Milan Design Week will still refresh the screen in the spring of each year, allowing global design practitioners to fill the stations, hotels, and restaurants in and around Milan in a week in early April. The citizens have long been accustomed to this. In fact, compared to the lively Milan Fashion Week in a small circle, the more open Milan Design Week is more like a National Party.

Three keywords about Milan Design Week


NO1. Trends


Every year, about 3,000 brands from 165 countries participate in the main exhibition of the Milan Furniture Fair, and the number of visitors is as high as 300,000. A considerable number of these brands will choose to release new products here, and these products bearing aesthetics, practicality and brand philosophy will basically affect and dominate the trend of the entire industry in the next year.

Another function of the conference is to test the water market through relatively concentrated visitor feedback. During the design week, it is not new to meet well-known designers in the peripheral exhibition halls that are open to the public for free. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, who will release the platform for his own brand new products every year, said that design week is a rare communication platform. , And chose to release new products at Milan Design Week, precisely because "there are both the most professional opinions and the youngest consumers, their aesthetic orientation and consumer preferences are self-evident for the brand."

NO2. Talent


Pictures of the scene of the previous Milan Furniture Fair satellite exhibition.

Chinese designer Zhang Lei and Zhou Chenchen are frequent visitors of Milan Design Week. The former became the first Chinese designer to win the Salone Satellite Design Report Award in Milan Furniture Fair with the "From Yuhang" series in 2012, while the latter He won the Special Mention Award when he participated in the satellite exhibition for the first time. Milan Design Week has become a node that they cannot ignore in their career development.

▲ Designer Frank Chou

As an important part of the Milan Furniture Fair, the satellite show has invited more than 10,000 new designers since its inception in 1998. Most of them are design students and young designers under the age of 35. Many of them, such as Japanese designer Nendo, French designers Matali Crasset and Patrick Jouin, and Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen have become the backbone, and the above two Chinese designers are undoubtedly beneficiaries of the satellite exhibition.

At the Milan Furniture Fair Satellite Show in 2016, Zhou Chenchen won the Special Mention Award and was personally awarded by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Although it seems to Zhou Chenchen that gaining recognition at the Milan Furniture Fair and obtaining self-cognition of "design", "goal", "expectation", and "result" are just intro of the next chapter, more What is important is the persistence and down-to-earth afterwards, but he also emphasized: "There must be some gains, which is undeniable." Exhibiting works at such an international industry event, for young design eager for opportunities and resources The significance of the teachers is still unmatched by other platforms.



The success of Milan Design Week is closely related to the huge trading market behind it. Strong resource gathering and integration capabilities are one of the reasons why Milan Design Week continues to show vitality.

In addition to the need to purchase tickets for the main exhibition, almost all peripheral exhibitions are open to the public for free, and the accumulated popularity has become the main factor that attracts most brands to hold exhibitions and advertise. With the maturity of the business model, more and more brand exhibition quality has been improved year by year, and it has become more professional. It has even become the biggest highlight of Design Week.

▲ The exhibition scene of "Sensory Journey" held by car brand Lexus during Milan Design Week 2015

2016 Citizen "Time is time" exhibition site of Milan Design Week

As Marcus Fairs, editor-in-chief of design website Dezeen, said: "Milan Design Week is like the Glastonbury Music Festival (one of the world's largest outdoor music festivals) in the design world. This is a festival that should not be missed, everyone You can be an audience here, and everyone can find a stage here."

2017 Milan Design Week Exhibition Featured Recommendations



Milan Furniture Fair

Salone del Mobile


Exhibition address: Fiera Milano

2017 Milan Furniture Fair poster

This year's Milan Furniture Fair is divided into 5 parts. In addition to the Milan International Furniture Fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and the satellite show SaloneSatellite, the biennial lighting exhibition Euroluce and the theme of Workplace 3.0 International Office The Furniture Fair is back again.

There will be 450 brands participating in the 2017 Lighting Fair.

The theme of the 2017 satellite exhibition is "Exploring the Essence of Design". Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the satellite exhibition, the organizer will specially invite young designers who have become famous in previous exhibitions to jointly launch the "Exhibition of Excellent Works of Satellite Exhibition for 20 Years".

Satellite exhibition venue.

This anniversary celebration will then be transferred to Milan's Steam Factory Creative Park (Fabbrica del Vapore) to continue. At the same time, a large-scale exhibition called "Satellite Exhibition: 20 Years of Innovation" will also be held here.



Exhibition address:

  Via Festa del Perdono, 7,University of Milan

▲ 20

The large-scale installation "Unlimited" designed by MAD, exhibited at the University of Milan in 16 years

The exhibition of architectural installations organized by the old Italian interior and design magazine INTERNI is presented on the ancient campus of the University of Milan as in previous years. This year’s theme is “MATERIAL IMMATERIAL”, focusing on a series of micro-architectures, macro objects and experimental installations. They are all created by internationally renowned designers, with the aim of breaking the limitations of architectural conventions, and exploring the dimensions and space of design.

Architect Michele De Lucchi's manuscript of works to be exhibited at MATERIAL IMMATERIAL.



The most fun cross-border exhibition


Exhibition address: Via Tortona 27


The Super Design Show is located in the Tortona area of the new creative center in Milan

The Super Design Show, located at 27 Tortona Street, is almost the most lively place in Milan Design Week. The biggest feature of this show is "cross-border". The 17,000-square-meter exhibition hall includes more than 50 exhibitions in the fields of industrial design, art, technology, artificial intelligence, travel, entertainment, etc., which is enough to go for most of the day. The combination of commercial brands is also a highlight.

▲ In this year's Super Design Show, LG invited Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka to jointly launch the title "S.F_Senses of the Future"

Swedish design studio Henzel Studio and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts) a series of hand-made art rugs and pillows will also be displayed at the 2017 Super Design Show.


"Rong" Five-Year Exhibition

Interpretation of Chinese contemporary design spirit


Exhibition address: Via Novi 5, Tortona


"Rong" is a project initiated by Chinese designer Hangzhou Lei since 2013. It intends to use five traditional Hangzhou materials-bamboo, silk, soil, copper and paper as the theme in five years, inviting nearly one hundred young designers The artist creates as an interpretation of the spirit of contemporary Chinese design.

▲ Melting means "melting" and "dissolving". Zhang Lei hopes to melt and deconstruct traditional craftsmanship through this project, and then integrate it into contemporary design.

At the Milan Design Week, Zhang Lei will present the works accumulated over the past five years.



Everything Is Connected30 

Exhibition of works by a young Norwegian designer


Exhibition address:
Ventura Lambrate area via Massimiano 25


Everything Is Connected" part of the participating works.

This exhibition called Everything Is Connected continues the concept of the 2016 Structure exhibition of Norwegian design. Once again, the works of 30 young Norwegian designers are brought to Milan and presented once in the exhibition hall of the Ventura Lambrate area.

The exhibition works involve furniture, lighting, ceramic products and sculptures. In addition to showing the new design power of Norway, it is also another attempt by curator Katrin Greiling to "from maker to market".

Curator Katrin Greiling is an architect and interior designer.


"Invisible Outlines"



Exhibition address: Via Luca Beltrami, Jil Sander showroom

The work of Japanese designer Sato Dai has always been extremely concise and childlike.

Slim lines and simple contours are the iconic design language of Japanese designer Nendo. This year, he will bring 30 vases made of ultra-thin transparent silicone and dyed to the aquarium in the Jil Sander exhibition hall. To display.

These light and soft vases will swim like jellyfish with the wave of water, which is why Sato named them Jellyfish Vase.


Cinema Arti installation exhibition

by COS x Studio Swine

Exhibition address: Via Pietro Mascagni, CinemaArti

The Swedish clothing brand COS will participate in the Milan Furniture Fair for the sixth year and collaborate with the London design duo STUDIOSWINE to launch a multi-sensory installation in Cinema Arti. Cinema Arti is an old theater built in the 1930s by Italian architect Mario Cereghini. The installation blends natural elements with industrial style, using the simplest materials to create an immersive multi-sensory experience for the viewer.




Showroom address:

  La Triennale di Milano, Viale Alemagna 6

Lexus has participated in Milan Design Week since 2005, reflecting the brand's passion for design and innovation through exhibitions launched in collaboration with designers in various fields. The theme of this year's exhibition is "LEXUS YET", and the cooperation object is architect and designer Neri Oxman. The exhibition will be held in one of the main exhibition areas of Milan Design Week-La Triennale di Milano.


Space & Interiors

by MADE expo


Exhibition address: Brea area, Porta Nuova, The Mall



Brera, where high-end furniture brand showrooms, small art galleries and art galleries gather, is probably one of the most elegant and relaxed neighborhoods in Milan. During the design week, strolling along the showroom along the street, you can get a glimpse of the new brand trends of Cassina, Kartel, Magis, Foscarini and other brands. Sometimes you can watch the exhibition and relax in the art gallery next door.

This year, Milan Furniture Fair also selected a new branch, Space & Interiors, at The Mall in Brera.

2016 Space & Interiors exhibition site.

The entire exhibition consists of a commercial exhibition with the intention of "re-examining products", a multi-sensory installation exhibition focusing on the interaction between products and spaces, and a highly dynamic hospitality area. The curator connects the three in series through space design, and redefines the exhibition experience through special lighting and projection systems.


MOOOI showroom


Exhibition address: Via Savona 56-Area 56

MOOOI2017 Milan Furniture Fair poster

Dutch furniture brand MOOOI's city showroom is one of the hot spots of Milan Design Week. In last year's exhibition, Marcel Wanders selected young designers under the brand to complete the exhibition design for each small space, combining space, lighting, furniture, carpets, and accessories in their own way. I don't know what kind of surprise MOOOI will bring this year.

▲ MOOOI Exhibition Hall


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