He sold a house in Beijing and photographed China’s disappearing craftsmanship, but was rejected by 20 TV stations because the people under the lens were too real

This is a "non-mainstream" documentary

As soon as it was released, it was rejected by more than 20 TV stations

Even the director’s own evaluation of the documentary is desperate:

"One, the soil has to get slag;

2. The photographer and sound engineer have no experience;

3. No director skills;

4. Single music..."


Such a "wonderful" documentary

Recently, there was a fire at Station B

Over 70,000 hits in 10 days

In Douban also scored a high score of 8.7

Many people cry directly

Even came back two days later and watched it again

"Simple, warm, and earthy"

Is the most frequent word in the comment

Because in the lens of "Finding Craftsmanship"

The records are those unknown folk craftsmen

Their life is very slow

Slow to do one thing well, it takes a lifetime


If you don’t hurry, record their life

May be too late

In Yunnan

The director left tears when shooting for the first time

Because an old man in his 80s who is an umbrella


He has been here for decades

Make an umbrella by the corner every day

During shooting

When the old man fixes the umbrella skeleton with cotton thread

The line was broken 8 times

The old man will be stunned every time he breaks

Then try anxiously next time

Later became very frustrated

The director said:

"There is nothing to cry about,

But every time I watch it,

Just cry once. "

An umbrella goes through dozens of processes

All materials are bamboo, paper, cotton thread

Kanwen made umbrellas based on decades of feeling

But he is still old after all

After the film was uploaded to station B in April this year

Someone wrote to the director privately that they wanted to buy an umbrella made by the elderly

The director counted about 20

When contacting Kanwin family

They said that Kanvin died in February this year

No one makes an umbrella anymore

In Xiaohuang Village of Guizhou

The two grandmas are making paper in an extremely simple way

That was also the last time they made paper by hand in their lives

They plan to use up all the remaining ingredients and stop making them

This also means

The local papermaking technique may also be lost

After shooting the paper

The director wants to write down their names

Take pictures of them

The two old men with wrinkles on their faces are particularly happy

With a smile on his face, he said:

"This time our name has arrived in Beijing,

The photos have also arrived in Beijing,

Even if the name arrives in Beijing. "

The two old men quietly made paper for a lifetime

Know the name and photo are recorded when you are finished

Already satisfied like a child

After the documentary was released on station B

Everyone wrote densely in this barrage:

"Grandma, you have arrived in Beijing"

"Has arrived in Shanghai..."

"Has arrived in Guangzhou"

"Has arrived in New York"


Kashgar in Xinjiang

Uncle Turson Jiang who made pottery said

His house has a history of more than 400 years

Developers want to requisition land

Give him 12 units he doesn't want

He doesn't care how much money he makes

Just want to leave more pottery to the world

He says:

"The house left by the ancestors cannot be destroyed in their own hands,

The craftsmanship of the ancestors cannot be destroyed in their own hands. "

When making pottery

Uncle has been climbing up and down in the clay kiln

But when he sent the last batch of pottery to the kiln

Uncle suddenly complained to the camera

He is worried

One day he is gone

These pottery will slowly disappear

In tibet

This 21 year old handsome brother

It has been engraved since the age of 13

When the film crew asked

Is the more carved, the more money you get?

He quickly shook his head and said:

"No, no, it’s time to carve,

Gradually, it’s better for this board,

Otherwise, conscience will not pass. "

Sister Shi, who started making belts from the age of 18

Forty years without interruption

5-6 can be compiled every year

Put it on the market

Offer price 100

Often cut to 65 to 80

When it comes to knitting belts

Sister Shi gave the answer without hesitation:

"It will not be difficult, it will not be difficult;

I like it, so I don’t feel tired. "

In Surabaya, Shandong

The director also photographed Liu Xinwen, a local craftsman

A conspicuous note was posted at his door

The words "Last Generation Heir" are specially marked behind the name

The reason why he called himself the last generation of pottery in Surabaya

It was because there were hundreds of families making clay pottery in Zhegou Town

He is the only one left

In the post-editing of the film

The director hesitated not to put Liu Xinwen in the feature film

"He is almost a microcosm of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and craftsmen,

However, it is too sad,

Seeing him, there will always be some chill in my heart. "

In Xide County, Sichuan

The largest local lacquerware factory has closed down

It was once famous for Yi people's lacquerware

Only use three color combinations of red, yellow and black

You can sketch brightly colored utensils

Jiwu Wuge is the only heiress of the Jiwu family lacquerware

Six or seven years old began to like lacquer ware

Under the careful teaching of my father

Craftsmanship has surpassed its predecessors

However, reality defeated the lacquerware factory in Xide County

Also defeated Jiwu Wuge

After the lacquerware factory closed down

Father dare not let his daughter suffer from life to continue the road of lacquer ware

He asked his daughter to take the teacher exam

Jiwu Wuge, who has become an elementary school teacher

I can only come back to help Dad on weekends and holidays

But she told the director that in fact, she loves lacquerware the most

Sichuan Yingjing

The sand ware here seems to be in short supply

But fewer and fewer people are willing to take orders

"The cargo owner pushed the price too low

The profit of each sand ware is less than 1 yuan in the hands of craftsmen."

Even in the street of sand shops lined with shops

The craftsman has dropped from the hundredth to more than 20 people

And they are all around fifty

Because the profit is too low

No one can calm down to make sand ware

In the hot sand kiln

The big sweaty brother said:

"In another ten or twenty years, Yingjing sand ware should be extinct"

Gobi Desert

The film crew found Hu Dabaierdi

He herds sheep far away

He was very happy to see guests coming

Half-cooked eggs at home

He is a shepherd

Also a folk artist

His music is shocking

Will produce and play national musical instruments such as Balaman, Gerp, Dutal

"No one is 90 kilometers north,

8 kilometers south, no one,

11 kilometers west, no one,

Suona’s voice was centered on Hudabyir,

Heal the entire Gobi Desert. "


Hu Dabaier's craft was lost on the spot

His son did not learn to make musical instruments

I can't even play a note

These craftsmen

With calluses and sweat

Tell the story of their life

Also spend a lifetime

Experienced the process of "from existence to nothing" of traditional craftsmanship

They never ask what is craftsmanship

Just work hard

The director said

After making this documentary

He feels ashamed

"I'm so embarrassed to mention the word dream."

Although at the beginning

He sold his house in Beijing to make a film because of his dream

Because the budget is limited

Can't afford a professional

It’s not just the photographer who’s the driver

The sound engineer has to work part-time as lighting, outreach

The shooting equipment is used

The director not only followed the photography but also did the post

I cut it over 50 times after shooting

After the film, there is no money to promote

"General movies have at least hundreds of thousands of tens of millions of promotion fees,

But I didn't have a penny. "

Rejected by TV station

"Finding Craftsmanship" can't even recover the cost

But the director said:

"Just look at it,

It’s miserable when no one looks at it,

With a house,

It has left video records and text records for more than 100 craftsmen,

Worth it. "

Gorky once said

The demise of a craft

Represents the disappearance of a small museum

Craftsman Persistence

Not only to make a living, but also to protect the cultural heritage

We can’t stop the changing times

I just want to let more people know these craftsmen

Maybe there are more followers

The craft will disappear more slowly



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