Still envious of Beverly's wife? Marsden Exquisite makes your home more luxurious

The eighth season of "Beverly Wife" starts,

You are still for the wives

Endless quarrels are more enjoyable;

Beautiful car for Beverly's luxury home, luxurious decoration

Are you jealous?

Marsden tells you

No longer have to envy other people's beautiful houses!


After careful preparation for more than 700 days and nights

Marsden Exquisite

Star Alliance Marsden flagship store in the ancient town of Zhongshan

The costume is listed!

Exquisite exhibition hall over 1,000 square meters

Bronze overall tone

Cooperate with different styles of furniture scenes

Showcasing Marsden Exquisite

Superior taste and unparalleled craftsmanship

Let us appreciate

Marsden Exquisite

Exciting new series!

"Ring" series

Top crystal with pure copper bracket

The unique process of the seam is not visible on all visible surfaces

What "Ring" brings is

Exquisite for the most discerning customers

Commitment and quality assurance

"Link" series

Imported raw materials containing 24k gold powder

With the skillful craftsmanship of a thirty-year-old craftsman

Carefully selected finished glass products with almost no defects

The "Link" series, which is ten times more expensive than ordinary products


"Luxurious attitude"

"Candle" series

When human socialization relies more and more on tools

Loneliness and indifference become the temperature of communication between people

When the machine roared and produced a uniform

Instead of handmade elegance and emotion

We started to miss the nagging nagging of the old grandmother

Every candle in the "Candle" series is different

Crystal clear because of craftsmen

Decades of persistence and perseverance

Manual temperature comes from the heart

It carries the craftsmen and MARSDEN EXQUISITE

Full of sincerity

"Round" series

With the least shackles

Show the brightest brilliance

"Round" wanted


Blind your eyes


"Crown" series

If you want endless pampering, I will give you the crown

At Marsden Exquisite,

Crown is a happy joint force

With the most carefully selected materials

The most skilled craftsman

The most complicated process

Create the miracle of the crown as much as possible

The life that was crowned

Noble and vivid

Above products

Were taken on

Real scene of Marsden flagship store in Zhongshan Guzhen Star Alliance

Welcome to tasting


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