Marsden's project appreciation (2)

Design: Sima set up libo engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Lead designer: Li Bo

Indoor area: 800 square meters

Project location: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town

"Home is not entertainment and cautious, home is the most relaxed, home is not fortified, home is love and love; home collects its own stories, home is the release of personality and heart."

——Li Bo.

The private residence in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, with an indoor area of 800 square meters, is a project completed by designer Li Bo. He interpreted the space with the theme of "home", using modern techniques and emphasizing the attitude to show the poetic level of understanding life and loving life.

Family living room

"This is where the family reunites after a busy day. We hope to wake up, light up, and activate here! Let this place be full of warmth and love!"

The designer chose Marsden's high-end custom products to be placed above the family living room. The entire custom lamp is about 2 meters high and is shaped into five circles of different sizes. Against the backdrop of the ceiling of the large glass steel mirror, it not only highlights the space The depth of the life reflects the life expectation of "perfect and perfect".

living room

The layout of the parlor is stable without losing interest. The wall decoration is covered with light-colored bookcases. While showing the owner's life track and hobbies, it also narrows the distance between people and brings a more stable state of mind.

The designer arranged two modern lamps with different styles and complementary colors around the seats in the parlor, which broke the sense of space and created a friendly and free atmosphere of communication.

Collection Showroom

In the study room and the collection and display room, the designer creatively divided the wall into two, designing large and small stacked boxes with 4 lamps of the same form in the middle, and the invisible pattern of half wood and half cloth is brought after the light is turned on. Come to the exciting stage effect.

At this time, the special customized version of the lamps and lanterns merged with the surrounding environment and assumed more decorative functions, just like a magical pen, which is impressive.

Daughter room

The daughter room is a boudoir that is completely different from the public space. The all-wood ceiling and walls make the whole space pure.

The perfect combination of wood floor lamp and wall surface is like a fairy tale dream, and it is also true and illusory. The dim light revealing from above and below the log lampshade warmed the sweetest dream of this happy girl.

Western kitchen

At the end of the arch on the first floor is a fully functional Western-style kitchen space, a solid wood tabletop, and a modern molecular lamp, which is neither exaggerated nor dull.

The love of the family and the aroma of the food flow freely and make people linger.


A simple and clear white desk lamp in the passageway of the stairwell neutralizes the complex and bright mosaic pattern, as if a cold autumn in the tens of thousands of flowers, real and dreamy.

Art and life, tradition and modernity, are inseparable from each other, infiltrating art into life, by the modern understanding of modernity, a strong mix of ancient and modern, Chinese and Western Henggu unchanged pursuit of happiness.

It is a necessity to create, or contemplate future creations. And happiness can only exist when this necessity is satisfied.

This is true for Marsden and for you who love life.


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