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This house, known as the "roofed garden", has been the most frequently reposted picture on social media Pinterest, and it is also the home that everyone envy and want to own.

What should a dream home look like? Ask this question and everyone will get different answers.

In Chinese society, the most enviable homes should be villas and mansions with high value in the area, followed by luxurious decoration and expensive furniture.

So, what do you want your parents to look like? The reporter asked.

"I want my home to be like a garden." Mercedes Hernáez said.

That year, Mercedes Hernáez met the architect Alejandro Sticotti, who had already passed by half a hundred. At first sight, they left the marriage and their home resolutely.

It was not easy to rebuild one's own home. In that year, Argentina experienced an economic crisis, many businesses closed down, and it also affected the business of Alejandro and Mercedes.

"In order to build a house that belongs to us, we can only sell the house in the city, move to the countryside, and start again."

While looking for a house, they temporarily moved into their parents' house, located near Olivos on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

In this suburb, 25 kilometers away from the city, they fancy a house, but when asked about the price, they couldn't afford it.

Disappointed, Alejandro saw that there was a lot of vacant land in the neighboring area. He asked the agent, "Is this land for sale?"

"This land is also for sale." the intermediary said.

In this way, the two of them who originally wanted to buy a house bought an empty lot.

However, this is the origin of their dreams.

In fact, a good home has little to do with money. A good home comes from people who love each other and is gradually created in daily life.

Alejandro, who had just graduated from university 28 years ago, had set up his own wood workshop to design and produce his own brand "NET". Alejandro, who advocates Nordic minimalism and Japanese Zen thinking, his design emphasizes simple lines and the texture of the material itself. Alejandro believes that form and function cannot be separated. His design is not only practical, but also full of affinity.

In fact, Alejandro has passed most of his life. In order to build a home with his soul mate Mercedes, he wants to finish it no matter how difficult.

Starting from an open space, Alejandro personally sketched. According to Mercedes' dream, "Home is a garden", he designed a peculiar building with a glass house on one floor.

"It took us three years to build this house." Alejandro said, "Because of the shortage of funds, we can only save enough money to continue the construction, which delayed for three years. But also because In this way, I have time to think about our needs and make some materials that are not available in the market."

"Except that toilets and tiles are bought from the building materials market, all the materials are made by me in the workshop." Alejandro added.

However, everything is worth it. This beautiful house has the situation and details that Mercedes wants. The first floor is a glass house, and on all sides is floor-to-ceiling glass that can be connected to the garden, except for the spacious open plan. Outside the kitchen and living room, there is an enviable garden and outdoor terrace.

Mercedes, who likes to take care of plants, said: "These plants have been with us for a long time. Every time I move, I pack the plants and books first."

With the exception of plants and books, everything in the family is accumulated over time in their daily lives. They are not purchased to satisfy consumer desires. Each item has many precious memories.

Mercedes said that these are everyday objects that they cherish, and life is accumulated in this way.

When the reporter asked Mercedes what she thought about the design of this home, she said: "This is a house that I really want to live in. I can't be more alert. Alejandro has made many decisions maturely. I believe he melts all the life I want in this room, so every day we breathe with it, live with it, and fall in love with it."

In fact, home is the foundation of everything, regardless of size, rich or poor, living with the person you love is the ideal of everyone.

If you can also design according to your own ideals, surrounded by your favorite flowers, birds, insects, fish, living objects and collected artworks, what a more ideal life.


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