We are different, so are we

The Spanish poet Jimenez has published a collection of essays "Xiao Yin and Me", telling the story of himself and his beloved little donkey Xiao Yin. Liang Wendao commented: "When children read this book, they can know what literature is, they can have compassion and equality, and they can gain the ability to look at daily life from another angle."

The delicate and sensitive poet Jimenez treats all creatures with equality, and the movie "Hachiko" is also a story about equality. The wandering Akita Inu Xiaoba was picked up by the new owner Parker and began to live together. After Parker's death, Xiaoba still waited for Parker to return every day. For ten years, they were equal, because equality harvested a lot of loyalty and unforgettable friendship.

Stills of the movie "The Story of Hachiko"

Yes, we are different, but we are also the same. All living beings are equal. They all enjoy the beauty, love and care, joys and sorrows, opportunities and challenges of the world, and enjoy all the good and bad in the world.

In fact, "equality" has always been the goal we are pursuing. Equality between man and all creatures, equality between the strong and the weak, equality of opportunity and rights...Everyone is fighting for this "equality", and it also makes life Better.


In the eyes of ordinary people, Jiang Xinrou is indeed different. When she was 8 months old, she lost her hearing due to viral rubella, but she also equally enjoys the right to dance with music.

Mother believed that Xiao Xinrou's life should not be incomplete due to the medical definition. By constantly exploring Xiao Xinrou's interest and potential, she finally discovered her talent in dance. With the help of hearing aids, Xiao Xinrou can only hear the first and last sounds of the beginning of the music, and all other movements are completed by several beats, but she never gave up dancing.

With several times more effort than ordinary people, Jiang Xinrou, 18, became the first hearing impaired girl admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy. In 2016, she even participated in the CCTV "Challenge Impossible Second Season" program. She challenged blindfolding to identify the position, and found the untouched three points at the twelve hour position. The final challenge was successful, which impressed the judge Wang Lihong. In October 2017, Wang Lihong officially released the song "Silent Feelings" for her. As the heroine of the song MV, she was known by more friends.

Wang Lihong and Jiang Xinrou
Unlike everyone but the same, Jiang Xinrou is an ordinary girl with a wide range of interests and fun to play. Optimistic and confident, she believes that life has always been full of hope. With hard work and talent, she has become a freelance dancer, and at the same time she is also a graphic model and photographer. In addition, she also enjoys surfing, skiing and other sports, especially enjoying the challenge of self-challenge.


In real life, there are always stereotypes of prejudice against young people.

"Unreliable, self-willed, arrogant, ego, extreme, old-fashioned, low-eyed, low-handed, unable to endure hardships..." These labels, which were affixed to the post-90s, prevented them from enjoying equal opportunities in the job search process.

Taiwan’s 104 Hope Foundation once conducted an experiment on this: They handed over several resumes with the names of job applicants concealed to the big names in the corporate world.

Candidate A was recognized by the bigwigs as "beautiful education and good grades". However, in a blink of an eye, he was rejected by all the staff: "The biggest weakness is that he has no work experience"; Candidate B has rich work experience, but also did not get a big boss Our favor: "Education is not competitive"; for job seeker C, every big guy got a different resume, but for various reasons, every C was finally rejected: "The starting salary is too high Because they just graduated, "only work for one month in every place", "29 years old, only worked for less than a year."

When the names of resume candidates were revealed, the big guys were shocked. Applicant A with "good education but inexperience" is the world-renowned director Li An; "applicant B with rich work experience but low education" is Taiwanese famous baker Wu Baochun, who now runs a bakery It is even spread all over Taiwan; and job applicant C with different identities is actually the child of his best brother, daughter, friend.

Ang Li with "good education and no experience"

In fact, there are many post-90s who stand out in all walks of life. They dare to fight, dare to break through, firm and hard-working, cool and tonal, and they should have less prejudice about young people and give them more equal opportunities. : The sky is high and the sea wide, and it will do a lot.


Recently, a video that broke the circle of friends, "Love That Doesn't Open," also tells a story about love and equality.

This story takes place between a hearing-impaired father and a eloquent daughter. Father and daughter are different, but they are also the same. They love and support each other. Fathers rely on operating barbecue stalls to maintain their daily lives and their daughter’s education expenses. Even if they can’t talk about love, they do their best for their daughter’s dreams. Daughters are both good learners, considerate and sensible, and often act as father’s ears after school. Greet the guests, and would rather tell lies in good faith than embarrass the father.
Still of the video "Love That Doesn't Speak"

Many people are different from father and daughter, but it is the same. We all have equal rights to pursue better. WeZhong Bank's "sign language customer service" focuses on the "different" people who are easily overlooked by financial services, using the power of technology to allow more people to enjoy equal financial services anytime, anywhere.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 20 million deaf and mute people in China. Although they are in a silent world, they love life as much as we do and have a positive attitude towards life. The pursuit of better is equal in itself, and they all have the right to pursue better. I believe that with the efforts of many organizations such as Wezhong Bank and each of us, we can help more of these neglected people and understand them. Unspoken love meets their unspeakable needs, so that they have more possibilities that can be better, and let "better" happen.

We are not the same, we are the same. In the ordinary life, the ordinary we have been working hard on the road to chasing "better"!

Author: Wu Zhengsong

Reprinted from: Sanlian Life Weekly


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