Marsden and Chongqing, China

Chongqing's sisters are all fashionable

Wearing the latest clothes

Holding the most delicate bag

Playing the bloodiest little monster

But only one is missing

The most popular lamp in the world



Thinking of Marsden, Chongqing's fashionable girl

Won't ignore the calls of sisters

October 2018

Marsden Chongqing Store lands strongly

Jinyuan Plaza Light Nest International Lighting Expo Center

You are on TV, in a magazine

Idol room, next to hipsters

The ones I saw

Latest trend


Most desirable

Beautiful aura

All came to your side

Marsden Chongqing Store

Chongqing store specializes in high-grade gray and gray-blue

Match the metallic color to enhance the sense of gorgeousness

500 square meters of spacious space

Carefully selected international latest trend modern lamps

From now on

Chongqing sister's home

Caught up with the pace of fashion

Marsden Chongqing Store
art & marsden
Marsden Chongqing Store

Chongqing store real shooting



We love marsden

We also love Chongqing


Marsden Chongqing store opening season in October

Grand launch of discounts

Store address:

Jinyuan Plaza Light Nest International Lighting Expo Center


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