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Project Name: Beijing Taihe Jinzun Mansion

Project Location: Beijing CBD International Trade Zone Top Luxury Mansion

Space Design: RWD Huang Zhida

Design area: 224㎡ of Hanfu, 126㎡ of Yifu

"For home, functionality and comfort are always the first priority."

                                               ——Zhida Huang


The guest restaurant adopts a large floor-to-ceiling window design, introducing natural light, ceiling folding details to deal with the stretched layering sense, gray Italian Molteni&c sofa, Maxalto corners are low-key and pure, with Marsden Exquisite new crystal lamps, smooth lines, different gray levels The harmonious colors and the undulating rhythm together create a harmonious rhythm of the space.

Entering the master bedroom, a large area of floor-to-ceiling windows, enjoy the vast beauty. Light coffee leather and metal create the background wall, and the off-white bedding is slightly embellished with dark coffee color.

The stunning orange on the carpet makes the bedroom not only comfortable and warm, but also alive. The Italian brand B&B bed with Marsden water tower table lamp is ethereal and modern, which maximizes comfort.


The spacious living room, three sides of the floor-to-ceiling windows follow the baptism of sunlight, in addition to the excellent view, bring warm and bright comfort. The multi-person sofa, corner table and coffee table of the Italian Minotti brand are more textured under the reflection of natural light.

The new Marsden desk lamps dotted during the daytime are decorations that are integrated into the living room during the day, and the atmosphere of the home is lit with warm and soft light at night.

Round copper artwork is placed on the wall, between the square and the circle, rigid and soft.

Pay tribute to the design with the Marsden white balloon on the table, whether it is called art or a lamp.

The background wall of the restaurant is made of stone to set off the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the space, and the magnificent feeling of the present mansion. The chandelier is connected by metal and crystal, and it is scattered up and down. Under the background of the wall, it becomes an interesting scene.

The master bedroom continues the style of the entire space. The details of the Fendi brand bed are elegant and luxurious. The main color is coffee color with soft beige, and then embellished with blue to make the space warm and calm.

A low-key but high-quality Marsden simple table lamp on the dressing table shows the owner's elegant and quiet character.

Life is to satisfy one's dual needs of material and spiritual in the most appropriate way.
Through its soul and posture, space looks at people's lives, silent and full of emotions. Those feelings are carved in the minutiae, without too much color carving, quietly dusty.

This is also a unique atmosphere of space.

RWD was founded in 1996 by Mr. Huang Zhida, a well-known architectural, interior and product designer. After more than 20 years of development, the company has become well-known in the industry, including the top 100 global interior design firms in the United States interior design magazine Interior Design , "An Di AD" China, China's 100 most influential international design elite list, and won the HKMVC Hong Kong Most Valuable Enterprise Award, CIDA China Top Ten Interior Design Institutions, etc.

RWD takes interior design as the core and extends to environmental planning and architectural design. It also provides customers with comprehensive services such as market positioning planning, design procurement and construction management (EPCM), display art, etc., in order to strive for excellence in design to make people's lives and environment. The space has better integration.

The company has been developing for more than 20 years and has been involved in the fields of residential, commercial space, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc., with works in more than 20 cities and regions at home and abroad, and has repeatedly won Gold Key Award, German Design Awards, A'Design Award & Competition, APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, China Real Estate Design Award and other domestic and international awards.


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