This house won the German National Design Award, all are Marsden high-end lamps-those who chose Marsden (3)

Project Name: No. 12 Courtyard

Design company: Shenzhen Xima Design Co., Ltd.

Design master: Li Bo

Project address: Xili Lake Resort, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Project area: 2800㎡

Project awards: German Design Award 2019 winner / FX award 2018


—Atrium Hall—

Marsden advanced customization-lotus lamp.

It brings a surprising and dramatic experience to the entire space, visually enriching the spaciousness of the hall space, making it more rich and full.

Walking across the sky bridge over the hall, shuttled in the complex and orderly lotus lamp, people could not help but quietly feel Li Shangyin's lofty fortune, dry lotus autumn rain's clear rhyme.




Marsden Haute Couture: Red Dangling Floor Lamp / Green Glazed Table Lamp

—Study area—


Marsden Haute Couture: Wooden structure lantern shaped floor lamp

Yǐ dēnglóng wèi shèjì línggǎn guāngxiàn cóng wēnrùn de mù tiáo zhōng sǎnshè chūlái jì zhuāngzhòng, yòu língdòng —pǐn míng qū—   mǎ sī dēng gāojí dìngzhì: Niǎo lóng zàoxíng diàodēng/ zàoxíng luòdìdēng
Lantern as inspiration

The light is scattered from the warm wooden strips

Solemn and smart

—Pingming District—


Marsden Haute Couture: Bird Cage Pendant Lamp / Floor Lamp


—Recreation Area—


Marsden Advanced Customization: Desktop Telescopic Table Lamp


—Designer Introduction—


Li Bo

Engaged in the design industry for more than 20 years, crosses the boundary in interior design, product design, architectural design. Since 2004, it has established CIMAX DESIGN (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (CIMAX DESIGN), Shenzhen Xima Design Co., Ltd., and together with Wenjie ladies led a very young design team to provide customers with innovation and sustainability And diversified design services. Pay attention to user experience, enhance user value, and determine design based on experience has always been the design principle followed by Xima design team!
Since 2008, won Hong Kong APIDA, German Red Dot RED DOT, German IF, British WAF INSIDE AWARD, British FX, British ID&A, Japanese GOOD DESIGN, American IDEA, American IDA, Italian A'Design Award, Hong Kong Global Design Award , Taiwan Golden Point Design Award and more than 100 Asia-Pacific and international awards. Among them, 5 times won the highest European official design award called the “International Design Award” by the industry: the German National Design Award GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, for seven consecutive years. The British ANDREW MARTIN INTERNATIONAL INTERIOR, known as the world’s interior design Oscar DESIGN AWARDS was selected as one of the world's top designers. In 2015, he published the first paper 3D visual collection "Geometry" in China. And was selected as "the most popular Chinese designer" at the 2018 Shanghai Winter Hurun Design Forum.


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